Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nenji hurt my feelings...and Spencer hit me!

This reason was actually really sad, but he was so silly and cute I just had to document. Rylan often copies everything Nenji does and so naturally as the older brother, Nenji gets super annoyed. Nenji wanted to just play by himself. So Rylan started to cry. Then Nenji moved over to play with Spencer. Rylan also wanted to play with Spencer so he laid across the toys. Nenji yelled at him and at the same time Spencer accidentally waved a toy around and smacked him in the head. He started crying super loud and said, "Nenji hurt my feelings and Spencer hit me! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Oh, my poor Ry. 

So sad. :(

The three frienemies! 


  1. My poor, sensitive Ry. Tell him Auntie loves him ♡.

  2. Ryry is too funny. WE love him.

  3. Poor Rylan. But he is so cute! I love the last picture. Nenji and Spencer are oblivious that Rylan's so sad.