Friday, July 5, 2013

Petting Zoo, Screw Spa, and 4th of July!

This week was quite a busy week for us! As always Fi Dan was super busy with studying. This poor guy hardly gets a break to enjoy his time here, but we are so grateful for his diligence and perseverance! Go daddy, go! :)

On Tuesday we took Nenji out of school for the day. Instead we went on a little field trip with the Spouse Organization to go see a petting zoo and to enjoy the Screw Spas. Nenji, Rylan, Spencer, and myself once again packed ourselves up in a van with the other moms and kiddies and drove on the curvy roads of Dominica. It was a little crazy not having Fi Dan there to help so the boys were a little out of control! Nenji kept getting up and Ry kept turning around to look at Nenji. So towards the end of the ride Ry got super carsick and threw up, yuck. Poor little guy, he was not happy and he did his really loud scream-cry.

When we got to the petting zoo, the boys were so happy to get out. They really liked the animals there and they were so brave! I was super impressed that Nenji held a guinea pig!
SO happy to get out of the van!

Looking at the animal...I can't remember what it was called.

Fish pond and turtle cage.

Ginormous rabbit!

Guinea Pig. Look at Ry's face...he's like ew. 

So brave! 

It's an owl!

Eek! A possum!

Not an animal, but I thought it was cool. A baby pineapple!

Dominica's lush mountains!

Next we went to The Screw Spas. This place was amazing! It was like an outdoor spa in nature! There were several spas that you could just sit in. Some were really hot, some were cold, and then some were just right! It was just super cool. I love my kiddos, but I would have really liked to just enjoy and relax in one of the really hot spas. When we got back we were pooped. Spencer slept really early and woke up pretty late the next day.

So pretty!

Walking down to the spas. 

The "cool pool"

Jen and Charlotte with the kiddos. 

My sweet baby at Screw Spa. 

For the 4th of July, we had a Bar-B-Q with our Branch. I am just feeling so fortunate to know these people! All of the moms in the Branch are awesome and I just love their kids! The day before the 4th one of the moms had a birthday. So all of the other moms in the Branch made dinner, went to the playground and just hung out while the birthday mom and her husband went snorkeling. A lady come out and saw all of our kids and said, "Whoa! You guys could make your own school!" It was hilarious.

Anyway, on the 4th we all just had a Bar-B-Q, hung out, and then shot rocks into the ocean. Charlotte made this awesome sling with her exercise bands and all of the kiddos had a turn launching a rock into the ocean. It was actually really cool!

But being away from home has made me appreciate America so much more! The security, freedom, liberty, and opportunities are endless. It's not perfect, but I am really grateful that God led my family to the US so that we can enjoy the many blessings that come with it! :)

Happy 4th of July from Dominica!

Getting ready!

Bombs away! :)

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