Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pho night By the River

Every semester the Asian club does "pho night". Fi Dan and I decided a few days after we got here that we would definitely be going. So when they started advertising we made sure we got on the list. If you know me, pho is among one of my favorite things to eat! I especially miss my mom's pho and Hoa Viet. I've also passed this love of pho to my kiddies.
Fi Dan took a few hours off of studying to have dinner with us. We also got to eat some spring rolls too! Yum. Although the pho wasn't as savory, delicious, and soul soothing as I had expected, I am still so grateful we got to eat some. The restaurant that we ate at had an awesome view of the river though. :)
Pho and strawberry shake. So good!

Nenji and his pho. He LOVED it!! 

Enjoying the view.

My little guy and me by the river. :)

I love all of these tropical flowers that I keep finding. 


  1. We miss you guys so much. The boys are getting to big and tan. And Mr. Spencer just melts my heart.

  2. Spencer is such a good baby!! and restaurant by the river...that's so cool! It looks so beautiful!