Sunday, July 21, 2013

Play Dates and Learning our Wall

 We are so blessed to have such great people here on the island. We are especially grateful to have the Tamanaha Family as our friends! We went over so that Nenji and Rylan could play with Keido....but I didn't get photos of them! But here is a cute picture of Spencer and Emi! Aren't they so cute! :)

Since Rylan and Nenji are here, I don't really want them to miss out on anything so I've been teaching them things at home. For the past week or so we've been learning about butterflies and insects! I borrowed this theme from my 2nd grade teaching at YPSA. The boys now know what insects are, the 3 body parts, what an antenna is, an other kinds of insects! Ry is still pretty young but he does pretty good at pointing to the body parts. Nenji can tell me "head, thorax, and abdomen!" It was funny, the other day I was able to kill a mosquito without squishing it into smush, so I picked it up with a piece of paper and we inspected it's body. They held a tooth pick and and counted its lets, looked at it's antenna, saw it's little straw like proboscis, and the 3 body parts. The eyes were to small for them to see the compound eyes, but I googled a picture of compound eyes. They boys thought it was just the funniest ever! I thought it was creepy!

Here's a picture of our learning wall! We made the ABC cards and they gave me words that started with the letter, then they got to color the pictures. 

Here's a picture of our butterflies. We traced our hands and made the butterfly wings with them! The boys loved it. :)


  1. How fun!!! That's awesome that you're teaching them that!

  2. Good job, Ms Teacher! I'm so impressed :)