Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back to 2nd Grade

About 4 days after I got back from Dominica, I got a phone call asking if I would be willing to sub at YPSA...for 2nd my old classroom! Crazy! If course I jumped at the chance. Walking back onto campus was so surreal. I had been gone for 2 years and then all of sudden there I was again. Walking down the same halls and teaching in my old room. The group of scholars that I had this time around was AMAZING! The majority of the scholars had been at YPSA since Kindergarten and so they knew the language, expectations, and culture of the school. I hardly had any behavior problems. I was able to do so much with them! Here are a few of their work samples! :)

This is our Monster Adjetive unit. We did monsters and described them. much fun. I remember coming up with this unit. 

Here's our Verb anchor chart

Our Rural, Urban, and Suburban Community. 

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