Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back to the States

Whew! Flying back to the states was CRAZY! I am just glad it is all over with! :) 
When we got home we were greeted by my sister and her sweet girls! It was amazing to have them there and to be able to spend time with them!!! Just a week after we got home, Ben and Marilyn had their wedding reception. It was a beautiful reception and moment in their life. I am so glad we came back to California and was able to share that day with them! 

Gracie and Spencer

Our babies!

YUM! Peaches! I couldn't get enough of it! First time eating peaches!

We also celebrated Kashia's birthday!

She's so CUTE! I named her Po's sister... (aka Kung Fu Panda Po)

Miss Julie! We go way back! We played volleyball in high school together! Love this girl! She is an amazing make up artist! I can't say enough good things about how she works her magic!

Loved my make up!

Lor family. :)

Ben and Marilyn's wedding! I love these two!

So sweet. I cried!

Oh my goodness. Uncle Tou, my boys were in LOVE with him! He was their daddy the whole time he was here in California!

Sweet baby Nova.

My Lo Family

Baby Aureana and me. She's so cute. Such a mini-me of Pa Kou. 

My boys. Love them!


Spencer and mama.

Love my siblings!

Getting their groove on. 


Sweet face! 

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