Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spending Time With My Boys

Being a stay home mom is hard work! Some days I just want to run out of my house screaming.
Other days it's good. I keep reminding myself of how crazy it use to be with Nenji and Rylan being so close in age and having them depend on me for everything!

But now that they are older we're entering a new phase where they are able to be helpers and are more independent. They can take showers by themselves and they even take Spencer with them and help give him a shower too.
They can set the table and clear the table. 
They can fold their laundry and put it away. 
They can clean their room up.
They play independently.

And they still fight like crazy too!

But they are pretty good boys overall.....some days. :)

Went to their Back to School Night and then we went out for ice cream.
Then they wanted to play sequence! That's another thing that I love about them at this age. They understand how to play board games!  

I also decided to enroll them in Tae Kwon Do because I wanted them to have something to do and to be disciplined. They love it! But it's too expensive so we're on the hunt for a new hobby. Ugh. Too bad because they love their teachers. 

Some days we just chill at home and they just watch a movie. :)

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