Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snorkeling Fun!

I went snorkeling for the first time in my life this week! It was A-mazing! This island has so many cool things to do but sometimes it's hard to do fun stuff like that because I don't have someone to watch the kids. There is a Spouse Snorkeling group that goes to the coolest places every week. They always post the coolest pictures online after they've gone and I am always green with envy! I definitely want to go on a few excursions with them before we leave the island. :)

Charlotte and Kasie are awesome moms who are super adventurous. They wanted to go snorkeling so I jumped at the chance. Nenji was at school so it was just Rylan and Spencer with me. I was able to borrow Kasie's snorkeling gear. I am just waiting until it gets closer to the end of the semester, because supposedly people start selling everything, including their snorkeling gear. Hopefully I'll be able to snatch one at a good price! We just met up up at the PBH, a beach close to campus. (OH, this is a whole entire blog entry altogether, but the cottages at the PBH is where the cast and crew of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN stayed while they were shooting the movie here in Dominica! I promise I will take pictures and post another day). Kasie and Charlotte stayed with all the kids while YoaKim and I swam out. It was so cool! At first it was a little scary having to breath through the snorkel. I'm pretty claustrophobic so it freaked me out a little. But when I got the hang of it, it was so cool! We swam out a little ways.  I had no idea there was a little coral reef just out beyond the shore.

Some of the moms in the branch have decided that we need to go snorkeling more! Yay! So we have plans in the making that might allow us to go every week. Fingers crossed this can happen!

Luckily that morning I bought a underwater camera bag! Such a coincidence. So I was able to capture my first experience at snorkeling. Apparently I'm not a very good underwater photographer. But I am so grateful I have these pictures for memories!

There were a few fishies by the reef, but you can't see them.


Sea urchins, yikes!!!

I think this a type of sea urchin too.

Ok, I told you I'm not a very good underwater photographer.
It's a starfish! :)

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