Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm not too sure why he's crying....

Oh goodness....I made them these awesome hats for the Kid's Festival that they have every semester. Nenji wanted to be Captain Hook/pirate, and Rylan wanted to be Peter Pan. The morning of the Kid's Festival Spencer was still sick, Nenji's tummy was hurting, and Rylan had a mild fever....sosososoosooooo sad but we missed it. I was so bummed....but that's not the reason Ry was crying. Nope....he was crying because I didn't put enough tape on his hat. So he cried...for a really long 15 minutes...about not enough tape or something....not sure. But I think the hat looks awesome...and he looks so sad. :( I eventually put more tape on it but he still cried some more. Oh my silly Ry. 

Here's my silly Nenji with his Pirate hat. :)
Love his face! He's so cute. 

Here's his Hmong pose!


  1. Yeah Mommy...why you not put on more tape?!?! Ryry is always crying :( Hahaha!!

  2. I don't know if I should admit this (because I know it's no fun for you) but these 'crying' posts are some of my favorite! They make me laugh so much!! :)