Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Getaway to Rosalie Bay Resort!

Yay! We survived a semester here in Dominica! So lots of changes. Here at Ross they are starting a new program, it's a slower paced track. Fi Dan and I have decided that it'll be best if we take that track because there are a lot of pros. He'll get more time to study, it's slower paced, and hopefully he'll be able to kick butt when it comes to testing! So after a lot of praying and thinking he withdrew from this semester and will be starting his 2nd semester --slow track in September. The only con is that we will be here longer. We are supposed to be back in the States April 2014, however, with the slow track we won't be back until December 2014. So we'll be here for 8 months longer than we had planned. So pray for us and especially Fi Dan that he will do well the following semesters!

Since Fi Dan didn't have to study for finals, we went to Rosalie Bay Resort! We rented a car from a friend and drove there. I was suuuuuper scared. Fi Dan drove all the way there and back and he did so well! I was super scared the whole time. I think the biggest reason was because the kiddos didn't have car seats. And my little Spencer just sat on my lap the whole way! Eeks! Yeah, so I thought that the main paved highway was scary, the little off road that goes to Rosalie Bay was even WORSE! I was so scared the whole entire time that we were going to get lost or get robbed or get swept away in a rainstorm. But I am so grateful that we made it there and back safely!

We didn't really do too much. We just mostly enjoyed sitting in the nice AC room. And the most amazing thing...there were NO mosquitoes!!! So for 4 blessed day and 3 amazing nights, we slept mosquito free. It was really nice not having to think about those annoying things!  Over all, we had a great time just spending time with each other!

 Fi Dan driving! He did an amazing job! :)

See my death grip on this child? That's how I held him the whole time!

Such a big boy now!


 **This had to be my favorite thing about the trip. Fi Dan is such a great daddy and he played kung fu with the boys. Rylan insisted that Fi Dan wear the bath robe because it was Fi Dan's "Master Clothes". LOL.


  1. So cute! Im glad to hear you're all enjoying your time there. Good lucky to fidan!

  2. I'm sad you'll be gone for longer. (Not like I saw you a lot anyway, but just thinking about it makes me sad...)But I'm so glad you get to stay together as a family!
    LOVE the kung fu pictures
    So glad you are enjoying yourself!
    Lots of what you see/do reminds me of my internship in Costa Rica
    You look a lot more tan ;)
    Your boys are getting so big!