Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunset Bay!

Woo-who! So the 2 week break is here and we started it off by going to Sunset Bay. The church moms got together and we planned out some activities for the break. This was the first activity that we had planned. We went with a bunch of families from our Branch. They are so awesome people and I really am so glad to have this opportunity to get to know them and be friends with them!

We just spent most of the time hanging out on the beach. As you can see, the shade on the beach was amazing so we just sat on the beach chairs and enjoyed the view. Nenji, Rylan, and I went swimming in the beach and Fi Dan and Spencer just hung out. We also took them to the Resort's swimming pool. We had a really good time! 

Yay! Everybody getting settling in on the beach. 

Nenji ready to go. 

Swimming in the ocean. 

Picture of his forehead. 

Our friend Nate caught this HUGE iguana! So cool. 

Aloha from Dominica! 

I just LOVE Spencer's smile in this picture. I also love Rylan's Spiderman pose. 

This boy, he loves to flirt with girls. And then they come to hold him and he cries like no other. Tricky tricky.

My Rylan, just enjoying the beach.

I wished I were on that sailboat!

Daddy and Spencer.

My big boys. 

Enjoying the scenery.

My favorites!

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