Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Family Home Evening and Posicles

We have had such blessings through trying to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Fi Dan doesn't study on Sundays and reserves that whole day for church and us! We are so blessed to have such an awesome man in our life! After church we usually eat, take a nap, and then get ready to eat again! After dinner we have Family Home Evening. The boys really like Family Home Evening and ask if we can have it every night. I love that Rylan calls it "Family Home Meetings". We try to be creative and teach the Book of Mormon stories and Bible stories in different ways. We've done plays, talk stories, and now puppet fingers. We did finger puppets for the story of Alma the Younger. We filmed it and they boys did such a good job. 

The Cast and baby Spencer. 

Take 2. 

Yummy treats from our friend Charlotte!
Chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter, marshmellows, and cotton balls!???

The 4 sons of Mosiah

The good Alma

The mean sons of Mosiah.

Almost every afternoon after they wake up from their naps, the boys will ask for a Popsicle. I don't mind because they are so quiet as they enjoy their posicle and I just enjoy the quietness!

They are so cute. 

Love them!

My handsome boys!