Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Say Adacadada!

When we went to our trip to Rosalie Bay, Nenji and Rylan were allowed to bring one toy with them. They have a really bad habit of leaving their toys behind where ever we go. So we figured if they only had one toy to worry about, there would be a less likely chance of them leaving somewhere. We were wrong! Nenji lost his toy once and then he just put it in a safe place and didn't play with it the rest of the time we were there. 

My Rylan on the other hand lost his little car multiple times. When he lost it the first time, Fi Dan did "magic" and made it appear. It was hilarious! Ry left his car sitting on the table but he thought he lost it. He looked under the table, around the table, in the bathroom, and everywhere in the room...BUT the table. So Fi Dan said, "Abracadabra!!!" and pointed to his car...and then Ry thought Fi Dan made it appear there. So every time he lost his car he would say, "Someone do magic and say 'abracadada!' Nenji caught on pretty quickly and started doing magic and making Ry's car "appear" too. 

In this picture, Nenji, Fi Dan, and I couldn't find his car so that we could make it "appear" for him and so he's making his mad face on the bed. I think he held his face like that for 5 minutes! LOL. Eventually I think Nenji found the car and said, "Abracadabra!" and made it appear. Oh my....this kid sure is an entertainer! 

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