Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Snorkeling at the Quarry

Last week we went snorkeling with some of our friends. The beach that we went to was about a 10 minute drive. It was really fun. There were about 8 couples that went. So half stayed on the beach and baby sat while the other half went out to snorkel. Then we switched! I was super excited because it was Fi Dan's first time snorkeling and he loved it! This was a pretty nice place. You didn't have to swim out too far and you could see a school of fish swimming everywhere, and we saw HUGE sea urchins, super cool fish, and amazing coral. While we were out Fi Dan saw a pretty big fish with a fin. We were pretty freaked out so we came back to shore. Supposedly there aren't any sharks in the Caribbean Sea, but I don't know if I believe that completely! But it was a great day for memories! :)

Some of the kids.

More of the kids.

Little Spencer just enjoying the water. 

Kids galore!

Doing it like a pro.

Super ugly picture of me, but for memory's sake, here it is. 

I seriously need a new waterproof camera. This picture just doesn't do it justice!

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