Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great people and Farewell to Minion

Since we've been here in Dominica, we've already made some really good friends! Most of them go to the LDS Branch that we attend. The transition has been a lot easier because of their kindness! Today I attended an orientation for Spouses. Let me just say, if it were just Fi Dan and I here on the island and we didn't have kids yet, I seriously would just be on vacation for 16 months! The spouses here do amazing things like snorkel, hike, volunteer to do services for the needy, fund raise, and go on fiend trips all the time! None the less, I am grateful to have my kiddos and to be here for this crazy adventure.

The latest adventure we had was just tonight! You know Minion...the little lizard that lived in our room? Well, we finally threw him out. He's been a pretty good little lizard, and stayed in his little corner by the window, trying to eat bugs...which I really appreciated. But I noticed that he was getting skinnier. Probably from lack of eating. Well, we were putting our mosquito nets up and Minion starting acting like Spiderman! He came out of his little corner and started crawling all over the walls and towards the ceiling. I think that poor thing was just starving and was trying to look for a bug or two to eat. Nenji was freaking out with me and telling Fi Dan to throw him out. Nenji said, "Daddy, squish him! It's time to just squish him! He's going crazy!"  And then there was Ry, "No, daddy! Don't squish him, he's my pet!" Well, after about 5 minutes of watching Minion jump around, Fi Dan finally caught him and threw him outside!  All I can say is that I wish him the best! I know...weird, but I kinda liked him. He was a really nice lizard. I just wish I had a picture of video to share though! :)


  1. You guys are too funny. I would have thrown him out the first day.

  2. Lol I love your little family. I have to agree with Kalu, would have thrown him out the first day. Lol