Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Adventure Begins!

We are now in Dominica!!! We left Wednesday night. My mom and dad took us to the airport and then we started our CRAZY journey here. While we were going through the airport, we got soooooo many stares from people. It was kinda annoying. Let me give you a visual, I was carrying my backpack and diaper bag, plus Spencer strapped onto my front in a baby carrier, and all the mean while pushing Nenji and Rylan in a double stroller. Fi Dan was dragging two small carry on suitcases PLUS two duffle bags on top of the suitcases, and he was carrying his backpack too. Some people were really nice and smiled but most of the time people did a double take and then just continued to stare as we passed by.

 On the airplane, the boys actually did an amazing job! We took off from San Francisco at 10:15 pm Pacific time and got to North Carolina around 6 am Eastern time. The boys just slept through most of it. Spencer was a little fussy, but Fi Dan was amazing and did a pretty good job keeping him quite the first 3 hours and then we switched and I took him the last two hours. We then had a lay over in North Carolina for about 3 hours and was soon on our way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. That flight took about 3 hours. After landing in Puerto Rico, we had another lay over for about 3 hours and then took a small plane to Dominica. That flight was about 1 1/2 hours long. We got to Dominica around 7 pm Thursday night. Whew! Let me say, I DO NOT want to do that trip again...except for when we come home! 

The drive from Milville Hall to Portsmouth, where we are living now, was pretty scary. Fi Dan warned me that the people here drive a little crazy but that still did not prepare me what we were in for. We had 11 bags/suitcases total, so that took up most of the space in the back of the van. Fi Dan sat in the front, and the boys and I sat in the row behind the driver and passenger. Mind you, there are no car seats regulations, so the boys weren't sitting in carseats. The roads here are super curvy AND they drive on the left side of the road as oppose to the right side like in the US. OMG....we were swerving like crazy and there were no street lights...and there were people walking in the dark on the side of the road...and we were passing cars up...and there were small little one-car bridges we had to cross...and Nenji and Rylan thought it was a roller coaster ride and kept putting their hands up and screaming every time we went around a curve...and Spencer was scared to death so he started crying. Oh My...that lasted for about 40 minutes. We finally go to our little house. We got the bedroom situation and slept...kind of. Let me just say the mosquitoes here are vicious. In just one night I got 9 mosquito bites. Luckily it seems like the mosquitoes only like Fi Dan and me because none of the kiddos have any bites. 

This morning the kids and I woke up pretty late...10 am...which is 7 am California time. Looks like we're still adjusting. Fi Dan was already out and about getting things done. He's such a good daddy and hubby. We had breakfast and then he took us on a tour around Ross University and to the grocery store. We live SUPER close to campus, so it's comforting to know Fi Dan is so close when he's away at school. We went to this social event at school for free pizza and we met a bunch of people from the LDS Branch here. They are really nice. 

Anyway, I am just really grateful we got here safely so thank heavens for that. But I am super excited to continue on with this journey! Wish us the best and especially pray for Fi Dan that he will do well and pass all his tests! :)

The sisters, I love these girls! I already miss them so much! 

My little Nenji, trying to hold back his tears. 

This picture is actually pretty funny. He was so excited to go to the airport until Kalu and Kashia started crying. Then I guess he realized he wasn't going to see them anymore. We did one round of good byes and hugs, and the second time around Rylan just busted out crying. So sad but funny.

On our way to San Francisco. 

We didn't buy any food yet, luckily we packed some snacks. This was their breakfast for day 1.  

It's sooooo hot and humid here. I'm just ganna let them naked boys.  

Chinese food! Fi Dan bought us so yummy Chinese food for lunch.  

By the beach. We live 5 minutes away from here and it's apart of the campus. 

Where's Ry? Keep scrolling down.  

Here's Rylan....standing all by himself because he's mad. He's just mad about the whole move. He thinks that    our house stinks and that the whole island Dominica stinks. And I kinda agree with him, it's got a hot humid wet towel smell to it. So here's Ry pouting. 

It's pretty nice view. The picture doesn't do it justice.  

 My babies....missing Ry!

He was happy we were going to be going home.  

Right outside our yard lives some cows! Nenji and Ry were so excited to 
have some "pets".

Speaking of pets....we found this little gecko in our room the first night! Yikes!!!
Nenji and Rylan thinks he's a pet and have named him Minion. 
Every time we come home they look for him and are so happy he didn't run away yet.
Little do they know, Daddy is going to catch him and let him free!   

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  1. Super happy that you guys got there safe and sound. We miss you dearly, but we know that this is only temporary. We love you guys and take care.