Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all you wonderful mothers!!! :)

Today was a crazy mother's day for me! We woke up early to go to church because we were walking today and plus Fi Dan is the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric and he had a meeting. The church is about 1.5-2 miles away so about a 30 minute walk. Fi Dan wanted us to walk to church with a family that lives nearby, but I really wanted to walk with him so that he knows how it feels to push 3 heavy boys. I try to explain it to him how crazy it is sometimes and he just laughs and thinks my stories are funny. Sometimes they are, but mostly it's frustrating! Plus a lot of the church members who live around us take a transport to church but you have to pay like $1.50 EC per person...that's like $0.56 US. Every time I tell him that I want to take a transport to church he just laughs and says we should walk.

So we set out walking to church and took the "back route" where not many cars travel. I WISH I had my camera so that I could take pictures to show you all what it looked like. First you walk on an unpaved road, then you get to a jungle like area with paved road in the middle of it with HUGE potholes the size of a small swimming pool. After that you come to the main road. And here, cars have the right of way, so if you're in they're way they'll honk at you or come really close to running you over! They have sidewalks, but the side walks are super small and our stroller is really big so we can barely fit our stroller onto the sidewalks...and then sometimes the sidewalks just disappear under huge bushes that have overgrown! say the least,  Fi Dan has decided that the boys and I will NEVER walk to church again. ;)

But that's not the end of this crazy Mother's Day! On the way home from church we walked back the same wild road...BUT then we were caught in the middle of a rainstorm! It started pouring. We had 2 umbrellas but Nenji and Rylan wanted to walk and took the 2 umbrellas. So Fi Dan and I just walked in the ran. Fi Dan ran ahead with the stroller and Spencer and I stayed behind to walk with the boys. In the midst of the craziness, I spotted a Plumeria Tree! I picked a flower and the beauty of this flower made me forget the craziness.

After church we took our afternoon naps and then woke up and had dinner. Overall it was a crazy but very memorable mother's day. :)  I'm just grateful I have my little crazies to spend this wild day with!

LOL, I forgot to mention...this is my mother's day gift from my Rylan!!! He went outside and picked them out for me. He's so sweet. :) 

So perfect, right?! I know where I'll be picking my flowers 

Me and my boys!  

My little chubbster! 


  1. Oh Kalia, sometimes when I tell khone stories of the girls, he too just laughs too. They have to experience it to understand. Glad there's no more walking! :) (And, 1.5-2 miles one way! Kudos to you and Fidan! That would make the boys super tired.)

    But, just hearing about the road was scary enough for me. Glad there was a beautiful plumeria tree. That's my favorite flower.

  2. Awej kalia. Many memories to share for the future. Prayers and love to all of you. Have fun and be safe. As nd Yes, continue to look for the good