Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life in Dominica

It's been about 3 days since we've arrived here in Dominica. It's been quite the challenge adjusting to things here! I think the biggest challenge is getting used to the humidity! Ugh---gross. I am so sticky and sweaty ALL the time. It's ridiculous. I take a shower and come out and I still feel like I'm the shower because it's so humid! Other than the humidity, I am slowly getting used to things. We went to the beach the other day and it was so beautiful! It made me forget for a few minutes about the huge challenges that Fi Dan and I have a head of us. I just watched the waves wash up onto the shore and watched the sun set. The boys were playing in the water and for a second, things were perfect! Then the mosquitoes came out and started biting. Those dang things are so annoying. I've developed a new hobby and it is mosquito hunting.

Before I came, Fi Dan told me about how smart and quick these mosquitoes are. I laughed at him...but now I have to agree! They're not like the ones back at home where they just land on the wall and are waiting for you to squish them...nope, they hide inside the cubby holes of your desk, in your closet, on the curtains...and anywhere else you don't think they are. But now I know their hiding spots. Every night before I go to sleep, I sweep the room. Check the cubby holes, closet, clothes, under the bed, curtains, and the ceilings before I go to sleep! Sometimes I get them and sometimes they fly so quick that they disappear into the dark corners. Nenji and Ry have become quite the mosquito detectives themselves. If they see one the know to yell for me or they try to hit it themselves. :)

Today we went to church and it was so hot! It's in a 3 story building. There about 40 members, but most of them are students. I really like all the people in the branch. They are all so nice. A lot of people have been waiting to meet me and boys since Fi Dan has been called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency. It makes me nervous having so many people know about me. I kinda just like to slide in and hide...but Fi Dan has assured me that I will not be getting by unnoticed.

Fi Dan starts school tomorrow, so pray for him to do well!!!!  I am a nervous wreck thinking about staying home in this humid, hot weather.... so pray for me too!

Other than that I am so grateful that Fi Dan and our little family are together. I just keep reminding myself that this won't last forever and to just embrace it and enjoy the journey!

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