Saturday, May 11, 2013

Island life

Adjusting to the island life has been a lot more difficult than I thought. I think being born and raised in America, I've taken a lot of things for granted.  And I've become accustomed to certain buying a lot of groceries, a nice AC room, driving a car....just to name a few. So I miss those luxuries.
The locals here are really nice to me because the see me lugging 3 babies around. I mostly get smiles from people, but occasionally, people will just stare!

It's been pretty difficult trying to transport 3 babies on foot. But I look at the other moms with babies and they do it with ease, so I'm guessing I just need to get used to that too!

But island life so far has been good. It's really laid back and you have to find things to fill your day up! We've been to the beach...which I am finding out that I do not like with the 3 kiddos. We've gone swimming and soon we will be starting a little preschool group too! We'll keep you all posted. :)

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