Friday, May 17, 2013

Supermarket Sweep in Roseau!

So every semester here at Ross University the Spouse Organization (an awesome group that consists of spouses of med students) goes to Roseau to shop-till-you-drop! Well, it's not really meant for that but that's what it felt like to me! The prices here in Picard/Portsmouth are c-r-a-z-y sometimes, so this is a really good opportunity for people to stock up on things.

On Tuesday morning, Rylan, Spencer, and I set out to go to Roseau. Nenji started school that day (thank goodness because I couldn't imagine lugging around 3 kids). We spouses left around 8 AM in 3 transport vans and got there around 9:15 AM. Can I just say Roseau reminded me of San Francisco...Chinatown...but squish the roads and take the sidewalks away. Then turn all the buildings into wooden and cement shacks. That's Roseau for you. I couldn't believe how the vans were even making it through the streets. I can't count how many times I had to close my eyes because I thought we were going to scratch another car. But can I just say that the drivers here have such an amazing 6th sense and are able to somehow come within centimeters of other cars without even flinching. But it's super scary to be a passenger.

The first store we went to was J. Astaphan & Co. This is where you can stock up on tupperware, dishes, clothes, cleaning sponges, huge bags of cheetos snacks, and milk. Let's just say I may have gone a little crazy. It was just a little overwhelming because you think you need everything and you end up getting almost everything you need. And you see all the other spouses going crazy too so that just adds to the fire! I seriously felt like I was on that show I used to watch as a kid..."Supermarket Sweep". After 45 minutes of walking around and doing some damage to the bank account we were on our way to the 2nd store.

We then went to another store... I forgot the name...something like "Brighter Days" but here you can stock up on huge cans of peanut butter, cleaning supplies, apple sauce, bigger than you can imagine bags of gummie bears, lots of American brand name foods.

Next we went to the grocery store Save-A-Lot...they should rename it Spend-A-Lot. I mean, I guess you save a lot compared to the grocery store here in Portsmouth, but you also spend a lot too! At this store they have yogurt, margarine, canned foods for cheaper, juice for way cheap, just a regular grocery store, but I was really excited because the prices weren't jaw dropping expensive.

Now, the van I came in sat 13 people. There were only 9 grown ups plus my 2 kiddos and we had to squeeze EVERYBODY and their treasures into the van. Let me just say our little van did not have an inch to spare by the time we were all done shopping!

After about almost 3 hours of shopping we headed back to Portsmouth! I am just so grateful that we made there and back safely. The roads are pretty curvy and it was rainy that day. But now that I've experience Roseau, I am soooooooo ready for next time! Now I'll actually know what to get! :)

**I forgot to take pictures so I borrowed some from google. Not that great but you'll get an idea!

All the roads are curvy like this. 

 These are okay pictures, but I WISH I had my phone to take pictures so ya'll could see what I meant! Next time, for sure! 


  1. Omg! Thats some curvy roads!!! And I loved supermarket sweep! Lol I'm totally picturing you running up and down those isles with rylan and spencer#