Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nice Weather!

The weather here has gotten a lot better this past week. It's been cloudy with a little bit of a breeze! Yesterday we went to a cook out and got some free dinner! Yay! We love free stuff. :) And the scenery was beautiful!

Today, the boys and I went swimming. This is Nenji's second time swimming and he's already swimming floating like a pro! He loves to put on his little floaters and just "swim" around the pool. He's so cute. I can tell he's a little scared sometimes when he's tired, but I'll hear him singing Dori's song (from Finding Nemo), "Just keep swimming, just keeping swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming". Even when I ask if he needs me to help pull him in, he'll just say, "Nope, I got it. I'm brave and I can swim".

Ry on the other hand is hilarious! The first day that we went to the pool he had his floaters on and he just jumped in! Very typical Rylan. He freaked out and now he refuses to let me go when he's in the pool. He'll just sit by the steps until I can help him. And he'll only sit on the steps where the water goes up to his ankles. If you ask him to sit on the step where the water goes up to waist he'll just yell and tell you no. But today one of the girls from church brought her baby flotation device today, and he thought was the bomb. He was floating in it and was telling Nenji and he's braver than Nenji. It was so funny!

My little Spencer loves the water! He'll go in and he's super calm. He'll splash around and he has so much fun! He goes in for about 10 minutes and then he's pooped. That's all he can handle for now. But I'm grateful  that the weather has been so nice to us! :)

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  1. I love pictures of you guys! And who's that little girl? Nenji's new friend :) lol...hahaha!