Saturday, November 30, 2013

Flying Kites and Huge Lemons

So the last time I went to Roseau, I bought the boys some kites! The other day was a nice windy day. PERFECT for kite flying. So we went to campus and tried our hand at flying kites. We got Rylan's kite up with the help of a student and then we soon got Nenji's kite up too! But as soon as I turned my back to take a picture and Nenji's kite had flown right into the gutter of a building! It took me a few minutes but I got the kite down and then his kite back up.

THEN, just as I got his kite up again and walked away to take a picture, their kites had gotten tangled up and Rylan had let his string GO! Oh now we have Nenji holding onto his kite...then 20 feet up from his kite is Rylan's kite flying too!
(Like the sad little illustration below).

So, I had to reel in Nenji's kite, and then reel in Rylan's kite. But unfortunately Rylan's kite decided to go get tangled in a coconut tree! Aiyaiyai. I swear, that kite was just as naughty as RYLAN. Anyway, I had to cut the string and then it fell and almost hit a girl that was sitting at the only table near that tree. It was pretty embarrassing because she was watching the whole ordeal. I swear, that kite had a mind of it's own. 

So instead of calling it a day...I decided to get their kites back up again. SO I got Rylan's kite up and he was doing a really good job flying it. Then Nenji's kite decided to get tangled and so I had to untangle it. So it was a good 5 minutes before Nenji could fly his kite. soon as I get Nenji's kite back up, and I walked over to where my sweet little Spencer was waiting for me, RYLAN had let his string to again..this time the kite kept flying...and flying..and flying...we just watched it fly towards the ocean. And then it was gone.  Yup...that will be the last time I go kite flying. It was definitely more stressful than it was fun!

I'm not sure when this was...I think Nenji was trying to get his kite up and I don't know what Rylan is doing. I think his kite may have just flown away. 

So I have been deciding what else I want to do for my little bakery business. I finally decided that I wanted to make key lime pie. I've made it a few times since we've been here and it is sooooo yummy! So I went to look for some limes....unfortunately they're out of season but lemons are in...and look at the size of these lemons...they're so big they've mutated! Well, that's what I thought because the skin is super bumpy. 

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