Thursday, November 21, 2013

Funny Things They Say

Sometimes Rylan and Nenji say the FUNNIEST things! I laugh so hard that I cry sometimes. I just love it. Here are a few things that they've said that brightens up my day every time I think of it. 

Me: "Boys go put your toys away".
Rylan: "Yes, sir!"
Nenji: "NO! Not yes sir! Say 'yes, man!'".
Me: "No, it's not man, it's ma'am".

Rylan has been pretty sneaky lately. One day I found him hiding in his room behind the big arm chair eating a pack of gummies! Every time I hear the cabinet doors open I see him trying to sneak off with a pack of gummies. 
Side note: Fi Dan likes to make up silly songs or sayings. For some reason we like saying this one and it's about Spencer: "Spencey Wencey was a bear, Spencey Wencey had no hair". It makes NO sense but we just like to say it because it rhymes! 

Ok, so one day Rylan tried sneaking off with a pack of gummy snacks and I caught him. I told him he couldn't have it and he'd have to wait until dinner. So he walks off and I hear him saying:
Ry: Meany mommy was a bear, Meany mommy had no hair, Meanny mommy just say 'no, no, no'!

Oh my goddness, I was laughing so dang hard!!! I felt kinda bad that he thinks I always say no, but hey, I'm his mama and he can't have gummy snacks right before dinner!


For some reason Rylan HATES my enchiladas. Every time I've made them he's literally had a cow. He picks at the corn, the beans...and eats just the tortilla. I haven't made my enchiladas in a long time but they look similiar to the picture below. One day I heard this conversation between the boys:

R: "Nenji, you're making me REALLY mad! You better stop it before I call you something mean!"
N: I don't care...(keeps banging the toy)
R: Fine! Then I will call you something's enchiladas! You're yucky like mommy's enchiladas! You better stop that you mommy's enchilada!!!

Ouch! I didn't realize he hated my enchiladas that much! Haha, I laughed so hard. So whenever he's being difficult, I call him my little Enchilada now. 

I KNOW there are a gazillion other sayings that they've said but I just can't remember! When I do I will have to post them! :)


  1. HILARIOUS!! I freaking love kids. On Sunday, Jared was eating some Halloween candy and Christian said, "Mom, I want to snuggle the caaaaannnnddddyyyy." hahahaha Love it!

    And I am sorry, but those mommy enchiladas look delicious :D

  2. Typical Ry! He cracks me up!!!! I miss that brat :)