Friday, November 22, 2013

Living A Dream!

So my sisters and I have ALWAYS talked about opening up a bakery shop! Our main concentration has always been cupcakes. But of course it's just been all talk! And it's always fun to imagine the possibilities. So just recently I purchase a kitchen aid mixer from a friend who was leaving the island. She is also the founder of a bakery business here in Dominica. She is a fantastic baker and made delicious pastry. When I bought the kitchen aid I also inherited her business!  I've been the proud owner of Benjamin House Bakery for about a month now but I've just preparing myself mentally to take on the task of baking for other people.
The cute little business logo.
(Stephanie, the lady who owned it before is the one who created this logo! Isn't she amazing!)

I am always baking. I love to bake cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, name it I will try it! So Benjamin House Bakery specializes in cinnamon rolls! Today was my first sale day and it was such a rush! I got to sell my cinnamon rolls along side my friends Charlotte and Kasie who had a table of their own and who were selling banana cream pie.  

So last night as I was making the cinnamon rolls, my baking skills were definitely tested! I was up until 2 am baking! I've made cinnamon rolls before but just for my little family and they really have no choice but to eat it! But it was different this time! People were going to PAY to eat my baking! Yikes! 

Last night I made 6 batches of cinnamon rolls. About  70 cinnamon rolls! But I felt bad because the first batch of cinnamon rolls were HUGE! And then the 2nd batch were small and not that great looking. The 3rd batch I almost burnt, the 4th batch I under baked and had to throw out, the 5th batch came out decent, and then finally the 6th batch came out GREAT! LOL, so all of my cinnamon rolls were different sizes and consistency! Poor people who had to eat them! Of course I made sure they were tasty, but they sure were not that pretty!

After the sale there there was a guy who had pre-ordered but I accidentally sold his order! I felt so bad so I came straight home and made a 7th batch! I took pictures of the 7th batch and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I took pictures of my first batch so that you could all see how much I improved over night...literally! But when I come back to the states, and you feel like eating a cinnamon roll, you know who to ask! :)
Yeast! I use tremble at the thought of using this stuff! Now I'm a pro..kind of!

My kitchen aide mixer! I've ALWAYS wanted one! Funny I had to come all the way to Dominica to finally get one!

My beautiful dough after 1 hour of rising. 

Roll it out and spread the butter and pat on the cinnamon sugar mixture!

Now roll it up!

Cut it into equal pieces. 

Let it rise for about 15-30 minutes. 

Bake for 20 minutes and spread the delicious sweet cream cheese all over! 
Finger licking good!


  1. What? Why didn't you tell us about this? Anyways good luck and when you get back to the states we can probably start our own cinnamon roll shop :)

  2. Yay Sister, that is so awesome! Keep us updated with your bakery! And yay for having a Kitchen Aid mixer! how is it so far?

  3. aweh! dreams. its so funny us lo sisters always joke about starting our own shops too. maybe we can combine and do a family business! :D