Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Photo shoot with the boys

The boys have learned to keep themselves busy here. We watch a lot of Netflix, they draw a lot, we do a lot of art projects, they play with their toys...and then we just get super bored sometimes. On this day Nenji wanted to take pictures. So we had a photo shoot. Nenji is actually pretty good at taking pictures. Here are some that we took. 

Nenji wanted to take pictures of me and Spencer. He told us what kind of faces to make.

Weird face!

Silly face!

Ok, mommy, just do a nice face. 

This is my favorite one he took!

Now the boys' turn. 
Crazy face

Silly face

handsome face

super hero poses

more super hero poses


My favorite one of them.


  1. I love the little photo-shoot you guys did :) The boys are so handsome and growing up too fast!

  2. awww, my favorite ones are the silly poses and handsome poses :D. too cute!!! And Nenji is SUCH a good photographer!!! :D