Saturday, June 22, 2013

Daddy's Birthday!

Fi Dan turned 30 on the 19th! WEIRD. I cannot believe my love and I are already this old. Can you believe we've known eaach other for 12 years and have been married for 6 years???? AND we have 3 boys. Crazy to think about!
Anyway, our daddy turned 30. The boys and I made homemade cards. He had a test in the morning (yeah, what a great way to start off his birthday, right?), then we took a family nap, ordered some food, and just relaxed. :) It wasn't anything fancy, but I am glad that Fi Dan enjoyed his day and was able to take a break. Happy 30th, love!
Ry's cover to his card. 

Dear Daddy, 
Thank you for giving me presents and cupcakes and birthday party.
Happy Birthday Daddy.
Love Rylan.

Nenji's Cover

Dear Daddy, 
Thank you for taking me to school. I love you. Thank for giving me presents and sleeping with me.
Happy Birthday Daddy.
Love Nenji

Happy Birthday...take 1. 

We've given up on trying to take a nice picture. 

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