Saturday, June 29, 2013

One day Martial Arts lesson

On Tuesday I took Nenji and Rylan to a Martial arts session. Let's just say they won't be going back. I thought they did a decent job but they're too young and can't listen to the instructions. When it's time to get physical then they can do it, but when the instructor is giving directions they're just all over the place! But they really enjoyed it and now I know for sure that I want to put then in a martial arts class when they are old enough.

I thought Nenji did a really good job at the end when they were doing their forms and he followed a long. By  that time Rylan was laying on the floor saying, "Can we go home now? I'm tired." LOL, it was good for them though because they got a ton of energy out and they were pooped by the time we got out. :)
TRYING to listen to instructions! He actually did pretty good the first 5 minutes. 

They are so little! :)

Practicing some front kicks. 

The other kids were practicing one on one and these two could not listen, so this was their "time out".

 Rylan and Nenji in action.
I thought Nenji had some really good punches. 
My Ry just thought that it was so funny.

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