Sunday, June 2, 2013

Portsmouth Market & our house

So every Saturday there is an outdoor maker that I go to. It's past the church so it's quite a walk so I always take a transport. I usually go with some if the ladies in the church, but this weekend we all needed to go at different times. So this Saturday, Nenji was my partner. Besides, people here are wayyyyyy nicer to you when they see you have a kid.
Nenji was so excited. We woke up at 6 and took a transport. As you can see from his picture he loves not having to sit in a carseat, but I absolutely hate it! Every time we go around a curve I have to hide my terrified face so I don't offend the driver.
At the market you can get veggies for cheaper and there are some veggies that are only sold at the Saturday market. Plus you can haggle with them, but I'm not a great haggler, I usually just say ok...but every week I am getting better.
I also have a picture of a lady cutting open a coconut with a machete...scary but cool. And then there's some pictures of our road and house. :)
He's so happy here. If only he knew the kind of danger he were in, he wouldn't be smiling so big. 

Just enjoying the view. 

Fresh Coconut Juice! And I was wondering if her shirt stood for "Salt Lake City". :)

This is the road to our house from the main street. Our house is to the left with the green roof.

It's kinda like duplex. We live to the unit on the right in the picture, we have neighbors to the left and upstairs too. 

Another view of the house. 

This is our little yard. It's actually pretty nice because the boys can just go out and run around. And our house is really the one around that has a yard of any sort. Most people just have a fence. That's one thing we like about where we live right now. 

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  1. According to Bubba still brown? Because he looks really tanned! Those stinkers. I miss them.