Monday, June 24, 2013

Things I'll want to remember

This post is mostly just cute things that I know I will want to remember and smile about someday.

Here is a picture of the Dreaded Stairs. I call it that because I just dread stairs. And I hate these stairs even more because I always have a 20 strapped onto me while making this climb. If you ask me, I think they should just build an escalator. I also don't like these stairs because Ry takes forever to go up and down them. Nenji is a lot more coordinated and just flies up and down these stairs. My little Ry just takes his sweet time. What normally takes 30 seconds takes Ry 3-5 minutes, depending on what kind of mood he is in.
Can you see him?

He's coming.....

A minute later and he's still coming.....

First time on the swing and he's all smiles!

Ry wanted some swinging action too. He's so silly. 

My big baby and my little baby. 

My kiddos must take after me when it comes to having a baby blanket. My parents told me that when I was little I had a favorite little blanket and dragged it around with me everywhere. Well, all three of my boys are blanket lovers too! Fi Dan hates it and is so embarrassed when the boys cry for their blankets. I think it's kinda cute, but now that they are getting older, I can see why Fi Dan doesn't really like it. But, oh well!

This is Nenji's blanket. He actually has 3 blankets all with the same blue silk trimming. Ever since he was a baby he would just stroke the silky part until he fell asleep. When he's upset or when he's having a hard time sleeping I still see him doing that. :)

This is Ry's blanket. He just loves it and snuggles it to sleep. And he's always smelling it too. If any of you know Ry, he has an unusually strong sense of smell. Funny story. Sometimes at night he'll wake up looking for his blanket. And he will not go to sleep until he finds it. One night he woke up and was calling me to help him look for it. I said I would help so he laid back down. I picked up a blanket that felt like his and gave it to him. He took it and said, "This is not my blanket. It smells like Spencer." I smelled it and it just smelled like little boys. So I searched the bed and found another blanket under Nenji and gave that one to him. I asked, "Is this it?" He smelled it and said, "yeah, that smells like me." I just sat there with my eyebrows raised. This all happened in the dark with him half a sleep. I smelled his blanket and it smelled just like Spencer's. Crazy, hiuh? And not only that but he is always smelling his food. He can tell me what's in it, especially if it's like fruity snacks!

Spencer doesn't have a favorite blanket yet, but he needs one to sleep with. At night he'll just roll around and yell until you give him a blanket and then he'll calm down, hug it, eat it, and then yell some more until you give him his bottle. Sometimes when I wake up I will just see him throwing his blanket from side to side, or just playing with it. Such a sweet baby. :)


  1. We live in a three floor town house and I hate the stairs as well. Your boys are so darn cute, especially with their own blankets. My kids are also blanket lovers and each has a name for their blankets.

  2. aweh. cute lo babies! :D

    * i love your posts reminds me to blog, even the little and big joys in my life


  3. My brother Simon, Charlie, and Michelle all had a favorite blanket that they took EVERYWHERE! I think Charlie and Michelle had a blanket until like 6 or 7! lol...and Simon still sleeps with his blanket sometimes LOL! But my cousin does the same thing like Nenji...she had a blanket that had that silky trim and she'd just stroke it to sleep every single night...even with the trimming ripped off...she saved the little piece just to stroke it to sleep lol. :D