Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Food Adventures

Being here in Dominica presents new adventures everyday! Sometimes it's the walk to the swimming pool, looking at the HUGE caterpillars that I personally think turns into bats, walking to the grocery store, trying to find ways to save money, and my favorite adventure so far is making food from scratch! Going back go the 17 year old Kalia, I could whip up some mean noodles, spaghetti...and that was about it. When I married Fi Dan people always told him that he was probably going to starve or get food poisoned everyday. For the record, we got food poisoned only once from my cooking. :)

As you can see Fi Dan, the kiddos, and I are pretty "healthy" people...and I like to credit my cooking. Because it gets pretty expensive here to buy pizza, hamburgers, or any kind of goodies, I've been experimenting a lot. A few weeks ago we bought a pizza for $50 EC ($18 US), and let me just say I was less than impressed. It was small and greasy. The boys finished most of it. So I decided then and there that I would make my own pizza. We've had homemade pizza every week since then! And it's not too bad either.

I've also made some doughnuts and my most recent food adventure, hamburger. I've been craving a good hamburger and so I decided I'd just make it. I made the buns from scratch, made the patties, and the fries. I have to credit all the great ideas to the pins on pinterest...when I was in the states I pinned a lot, but never actually did anything. Now I pin a lot and I actually do a lot of it too! So thanks to pinterest and all the people sharing their wonderful recipies and ideas, we had a good meal. :) The only complaint I have is the time! It takes up a lot of time, but I'm glad that my family is being fed well...and it proves that I can cook! I still am amazed when I make a good meal, who would have thought! Not too shabby for someone like me.

Pizza dough! I tried doing "stuffed crust". :)

Ooops...it was only after we ate most of it that I remembered to take a picture.

Doughnuts for Father's Day.

Making Hamburger buns....Ry is helping me. You see his tiny little hamburger buns on the side?LOL
When I took the buns out of the oven, he was super mad his little buns weren't there too. I told him they were so small that they disappeared in the oven. 

Not too bad.

This is a really bad picture. The mustard makes it look gross, but I promise you, it wasn't too bad. :)
Happy cooking!


  1. Kalia! You made hamburgers from scratch! You're such a cool mama! Your meals do look delicious. (I also love Ry's little hamburgers. I can see that he's the one who likes to help mama.)

  2. I love it! You know...you do know how to cook...ok, I mean bake. Cooking...looks like your progressing. Good job sister :) And you should have baked Ryry's hamburger buns...hello!!

  3. OMG Kalia!! You made hamburger buns from scratch as well? Wow look at you...so creative!!! Remember how you used to be so worry about moving there? Well I guess you're having a great adventure... :D God knew you would be just fine :D.

    I just LOVE Rylan's reactions! He's so funny!