Monday, June 24, 2013

Sea Turtles!

We've been here in Dominica for about 7 1/2 weeks now. But it sure feels a lot longer than that! We haven't really gotten to do anything too spectacular until just last week! One of the girls in our branch is totally awesome and invited us and some other families to go with her and her hubby to go see the sea turtles. I was so excited when Fi Dan asked me if I wanted to go. We left around 4:30 and had to drive through the curvy roads to get to Rosalie Bay Resort. The drive there was okay. Before we left I put some herbal medicine that's supposed to help with nausea on Nenji, Ry, and Spencer.  I was mostly worried about Nenji because he'll usually throw up on the ride from Sacramento to Fresno, and the roads in California are paved and straight! So I was a little worried about him. But I totally forgot about Fi Dan. He ended up being the one that got super car sick. I felt so bad.

Nenji and his fro. We haven't cut their hair since we got here. Here he is just enjoying the scenery!

Mommy and Ry.

Daddy and Spencer. 

Rosalie Bay Resort. I am in love with this place. :)

The ride took about 1 hourish. The resort was so beautiful! I have convinced Fi Dan that we need to go and stay there. There was a really big group that went to see the sea turtles. It was so cool. The turtle guy, Simon, explained to us that they dug up a bunch of sea turtle nests and relocated them because the tides are so strong and it would just wash all of the babies away. He told us that there was good news because there was some movement in the sand and that probably means that there are babies trying to get out. He started digging and the anticipation was too much! I was probably as excited as the kids. He pulled up a bunch of baby turtles and they were so CUTE! But it was so super sad too because a lot of the turtles were deformed or they were dead. The majority of the eggs and babies didn't make it, but I was so happy for the ones that did.

On the beach right by the sea turtle nests. 
I just love Spencer. He's so sweet. 

Fi Dan capturing the moment.

Ry loves the beach!

Simon, the turtle guy. 

Look at all them turtles eggs!
Yay! These are the ones that made it!

Then we got a chance to hold the babies. They were kinda stinky but so cute! The one I got was super wiggly and I was so afraid I was going to drop him. We eventually set them down and they headed on their journey to the ocean. It was such an AMAZING experience. Another couple and their kiddos were staying at the resort and they actually go to see a mother sea turtle! Mother sea turtles are crazy big! I really want to go back and try to see a mommy sea turtle too! But I am happy about the getting to see the babies! :) The boys loved it and talked about it for days afterwards! I am so glad that we had the opportunity!

Ry's face is so cute. I'm handing him a baby turtle.

Nenji holding a baby turtle! :)

Amazing little creature! 


  1. We're so thrilled that you and your family were able to see the baby sea turtles. It is such an amazing sight! We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back for another visit during sea turtle season or just for some relaxation.

  2. So cool!That is such an amazing experience! Reminds me of that one turtle movie...forgot the title of the movie.