Friday, June 14, 2013 now our treasure!

Everyday here is the same as the next with slight variations. Somedays are good and then somedays are not so good. On good days the boys and I do arts and crafts! I am so kicking myself for not shoving my suit cases or barrels with all my craft stuff. I wish I had construction paper, a stapler, all of my crochet stuff, scrapping paper, glue gun, yarn, felt, and my sewing machine. But not having all the luxuries sure has helped me appreciate little things.
For example, we don't throw away cereal boxes, toilet rolls, or anything cardboard cause that's what we use for arts and crafts! Yup, the boys are getting pretty good at using their imagination. :)
Here's Ry's guitar, made out of a cereal box, paper towel roll, duct tape, and rubber bands!

Nenji LOVED it, he rocked out for the whole evening. 

Rylan getting his groove on. 

We made race cars out of toilet paper roll. :)

Here's Nenji's car with a little finger puppet driving it. :)

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