Saturday, June 15, 2013

Early Christmas (aka) Our Barrels!

So before we came to Dominica, Fi Dan suggested that I pack some barrels. All I really remember him saying is that cereal and diapers are really expensive here. For a pack of 24 diapers you pay 24.99 EC...that means about $10.00 US. And for a box of cereal depending on what kind, you can pay up to 21-25.00 EC, that's $7.86-$9.36 US dollars per box. CRAZY! So what did I mostly pack? Cereal and diapers! So from February to April I couponed and went to Target almost every other day with Kashia! It was so much fun. We went to a few other stores, but our favorite was Target because we could stack coupons, a Manufacture's coupon and a target coupon. We got really good deals there. Once Kashia did so well with her coupon that she only paid .98 cents. Amazing! The cereal boxes that I got averaged around $1.25 per box with my coupons. SUPER! :) 

Anyway, I packed these three barrels. One was FULL of diapers, one was half full of diapers and a ton of cereal, and then the third barrel was half packed of toilet paper. Then in every crack that I could find I stuff in cleaning products, toothpaste, kiddie snacks, baby snacks, baby food, and just everything that I could think of. But I wish I would have packed one more barrel full of crafting stuff, clothes, and just random stuff.
Well, it took 1 month and a half for the barrels to get here. We finally got it last week on Tuesday. Maybe at the beginning of next semester I'll ask my mom to send us a barrel! It's kinda expensive but well worth it because there are some stuff that you just cannot find here or it's so expensive that you just try to do without. But until then, I'm so glad our barrels got here safely! 

Opening the barrels really was like Christmas morning! I was probably the most excited out of all of us, it was wonderful! :)

I know, ugly grey barrel, but inside were my treasures!

Ry doing a happy dance!

The boys ripping open the tape.

Woowho! My cereal!

The boys helping mommy unpack the diapers. 


  1. 1. How fun!
    2. You were way smart! I'm impressed
    3. You look very tan ;)
    4. I thought of you this week! I watched the newest Hobbit trailer... Have you seen it??? ;)

  2. Couponing totally paid off :) Wished we would have thought of other things to pack too!