Saturday, June 8, 2013

That's how we do it in Dominica!

So yesterday the boys and I went to the river with some friends to feed the fish and to fish! We brought bread crumbs with us and off we went. It was the same exact location as the baptism that I wrote about a few weeks ago. It was so cool! When the kiddos threw in the bread crumbs the fish came like crazy and started to eat it. Then our awesome friends that we went with brought some regular sticks with fishing lines on them and we were able to catch some fish! It was pretty ghetto but pretty awesome too. I am learning that anything goes here in Dominica. Use whatever you can find to do what you gotta do. :) and so a fishing line on a stick was as good as any fishing pole you could buy.  All of the little kids took turns fishing and each of then actually caught one every time! It was pretty cool. We didn't keep them, we just threw them back in, but the Hmong-ness in me was like, "Wait! Don't throw that fish back in there, we can eat it for dinner! What are you doing throwing that fish back in?!" LOL, but then I thought about it and was like..."Who is going to kill and gut the fish...I know I'm not and Fi Dan isn't going to...oh well." I definitely need my mom or dad for that. But maybe next time I'll change my mind and keep the fish and try it by myself!

 Trying to throw rocks into the river.

Woo! Our first fish! 

Our friends. 

You can't see his fish very well, but it's there! 

Ry's fish! 

 The fish started flopping around and Ry got super scared. Nenji is holding his fish in that shirt and is about to let his fish go into the river. 

Today there was another baptism except this time it was at the beach...again, amazing. This time it was one of our friends' son who got baptized. The scenery was so beautiful...but it was so dang hot. Plus the kids were playing in the water so we couldn't even hear the talks. But it was nice to just be there and see Joshua get baptized. I'm telling you, even though I complain a lot about being here, I am also grateful because I am experiencing things I never would have back in the states and I am growing so much everyday. I always remind myself to just live in the moment and enjoy the time here on the island because it's only 11 more months and then we're back in the states forever! So...I'm starting to really like the island life and how you just gotta learn to roll with it here. :)

On the way to the beach. 

It looks beautiful but let me tell you, if you could feel the humidity and doesn't feel so beautiful.

 Yay! We made it. :)

Look at that little chubster! 

 His sand castle.

 Playing with the sand instead of listening to the talks. was a really nice day. 

 Enjoying snacks under the shade. Such a nice day. 

Daddy and his little silly baby. I love them! :D


  1. I love hearing about your stories and knowing that you guys are doing okay! I miss the boys and their silliness. I totally could tell that Ry was scared in that picture with the :)

  2. Awh. Yes, take advantage and enjoy your time there. You'll look back and just count your blessings twice, thrice, for having been there. :)