Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My kiddos here and now

When I was younger I always thought I was going to be such an amazing mom. I thought having kids would be all hugs and kisses. BOY was I wrong! Turns out you need a lot of patience and I'll admit, that's not my strongest virtue. And I get plenty of hugs and kisses from my boys, but they sure throw punches and kicks and get into a lot of trouble with each other! Now, don't get me wrong, I love my kiddos with all of my heart, but there are some days I would just like to hop on an airplane by myself and fly to Hawai'i and just go live off of my income as a hula dancer at the Polynesian Culture Center! 

Sometimes I feel like I am doing everything absolutely wrong and I am scared to death how these little humans will turn out. And then there are moments that gives me hope that me trying my best is good enough for these little boys that drive me nuts yet fill me with so much love and joy that could never be replaced.

I feel like these are the sweet moments that help me get through the tough days especially here on an island that is so far away from friends and family. :) And I know one day I'll look back and wish my kids were as silly and small as they are here and now. 

I love it that they post up their own work. Every time I come to the fridge I see a new piece of paper that they've proudly displayed. (Yes, Ry's name is spelled wrong, I know but we haven't told his teachers yet.)

All of their little art work posted up. 

Nenji is so artistic! I love it! After he drew this picture he said, "That's you and me on a bus with a bunch of other people going to Roseau (The big city), and that heart is there because I love you."**tear**

Don't let this smile fool you!!! Look at what he's doing. Trying to hack into my Skype account. haha, just kidding. But seriously, I told Fi Dan that I am going to stop calling him my "sweet" boy and I'm going to start calling him Mr. Crabby Patty because he's bee super crabby lately. 

"Hum? What?! Me crabby? Look at this face. Do I look like Mr. Crabby to you? My mom lies". Yeah, I would believe him too if I wasn't the one home with him all day!!!

Ok, seriously, he is as obsessed with the tablet as much as Nenji and Rylan are. He just walks around in his walker "using" the tablet all the time now. 


 Funniest story EVER! I put on some Beethoven for us to listen to while we were doing an art project and the boys had a ton of questions about who he was.
Boys: Is that Joseph Smith?
Me: No
Boys: Is he a bad guy? Because he looks really mad.
Me: No, he's a good guy...he's a pianist...and maybe he just didn't want to smile.
Ry:....staring at Beethoven's picture for a really long time...."Why is his hair so crazy and funny?"
Me: HAHA, ok, that's not nice. Maybe he didn't have a brush.
Ry: Staring at Beethoven again...."Look mom, I can do his face".

Thus the picture of Rylan and Beethoven.
I guess this counts as their Hmong Pose. 

Ok, don't mind the pot holes the size of a small swimming pool, but we live on this street and down the road is the school. 

Lucky mama to have these crazies running home to me. :)


  1. Hahaha, I love the conversation about Beethoven...and then the picture taken :) I miss the boys so much! Don't worry sister, when you guys come back I'll babysit the rugrats for you and you and Fidan can go on vacation for 2 days (maximum)!!!

  2. I LOVE ryland's ;) (rylan's ) Beethoven FACE! So right on the DOT! to the TEE!!! Lol cutie boys. Can't believe how old your spencer is looking and getting.

  3. Your kids are adorable! And you are definitely NOT the only mom who loves her kids, but wants to scream some days too! ;)


  4. Beethoven experience = love ;)

    mothering comment = agree

    you = awesome

  5. I love the pictures of the boys walking home from school. They look like little Hmong boys in Thailand with their tan, and messy hair.