Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Snorkeling At PBH

Here in Dominica there is a pretty awesome snorkeling group that hits all of the hot spots on the island. Unfortunately, most of the people who are in this group do not have tiny little people to look after, so many of the mommies don't get to go and experience these amazing things! Luckily for me I am friends with some pretty awesome mommies who are willing to take turns baby sitting each others' kiddos so that we can all enjoy some snorkeling time! This time we went over to the Portsmouth Beach Housing, which is super close to where we live! Right off of the shore there is an amazing coral reef filled with sea life! Enjoy the pictures! There were several times I was tempted to dive down and get a closer look but the thought of going down still freaks me out a little, so zooming in will have to do for now. :D

My little Spencer just enjoying the water. :)

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