Monday, September 16, 2013


"I smile because you're my brother, I laugh because you can't do anything about it"--Unknown

I LOVE that quote and it really does make me laugh because it's true, especially with Nenji and Rylan right now. They love each other but-oh-boy, sometimes they do not like each other. At church they are like BROTHERS, no body better mess with them because they are "brothers". I hear Ry saying it all the time, "HEY! That's my brother! Don't sit by him." It's cute, but I'm like, calm it down...they just want to be your friend! And then they get home and say, "You're not my brother anymore!" People tell me all the time that girls are more dramatic...but I think that's pretty dramatic and PLUS boys will start throwing punches. :/

Rainbow over Picard, Dominica

Nenji and Ry!

Look at Spencer's smile!

Yup...Ry's mad again. 

20 minutes later and he's still mad. I can't remember what he's mad about.

Amazing tents! Did I post about them yet? Well they are amazing!!!! We can sleep with peace of mind with these babies! 

Nenji. :)

His silly face. 

His mad face. 

Ry finally being happy!

They found Mr. Potatoe's nose and pretended to babies. They gave Spencer Mr. Potato's tongue. 

Can you believe these boys BELONG to me? Sometimes I can't believe I have children! Haha.

Brothers. :)


  1. They're all growing up too fast! I love them :) And yeah, mom and dad are going to flip when they see Spencer's :)But he's so cute with his little mohawk! Tell Bub and Ry that Auntie says "hello". And did mom and dad ship the barrel yet?

  2. Nenji looks like dad in his mad face picture :) The girls love looking at pictures of the boy. We miss them.