Saturday, September 7, 2013

Waterproof Camera and Kids Meet and Greet!

During the 2 week break, some of Fi Dan's friends went home and were able to bring us back some new stuff! Apparently it's really common to scout out people who are going home and then you ask if you can buy and send things to their house and then they'll bring it back for you. Luckily Fi Dan has some really nice friends and they did just that! My hubby has been noticing that I have the least unattractive "water proof" camera and decided to upgrade it for me! I love it that he feels he needs to keep up with technology. :) So he bought me a new camera that is also water proof. Amazing! And he bought the boys some toys too. They LOVE it. Thanks daddy!

Today we went to the kid's meet and greet. It was pretty fun. There are about 3 new families who are new to the branch and a few single people too. So my little group of friend is growing. Seriously, if I did not have the Gospel in my life, it would probably be so hard for me to make friends. But because of the Gospel, you are almost guaranteed friends wherever you go! :) So at the pool, I took some pictures of me and the kiddos. I probably should have taken some pictures of my mom-friends too, but I totally forgot to! Love this camera!
so cool!

Ry wanted to take an underwater picture. Almost!

Yay! Got a shot of Nenji!

Awesome job!

Ok...I've decided that I am not a cute underwater person. I always imagined that I would look like a beautiful mermaid underwater but that just ISN'T the case! My snorkeling picture was awful and this one proves that underwater pictures are just not for me! But the quality is pretty good! hahaha. 
Oh, and my poor Spencer totally got dunked while I was taking this picture. I am such a bad mama!

Just keep swimming!

Wanted another picture. 

Mommy and Spencer! 

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