Sunday, September 22, 2013

My little helper!

Nenji has become such a great helper! Ever since he was a little baby, he always wanted to help wash the dishes, sweep the floor, etc. Now he's actually big enough to help out! Fi Dan and I always laugh because we always say, "Oh, now we see why Nenji was born first". He's super responsible and loves to help me out. So we say he has the "older brother syndrome".

 My silly Ry totally has the "younger brother syndrome". That's when they are care free, and a little lazy, and always in their own little world! You know what's funny....Nenji and Rylan totally remind me of Kalu and me! Yes, I am the younger sister and I am so much like Ry!

I am interested to see how Spencer will be...maybe he'll be like Kashia...which I like to call, "the little mouse syndrome". That just means they are REALLY in their own little world . :)

Sooo helpful! 

AND he helped wash Spencer's bottles too! :)

The only bad thing was that it took him forever to wash one thing!! But hey, I'm not washing them so I'm happy!

And this is what Rylan was doing...squishing ants and entertaining Spencer. 

And pretending to "ride a scooter".

Silly Ry. 

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  1. Bubba is such a good helper :) And Ry...he's just Ryry, so silly :) And nothing with being the youngest...and being in our own little world. We eventually grow out of it and become normal people :)