Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to the Grind and our new place!

So a lot has happened this past week. We moved to a different house. It's like a minute walk from our old house, but it has made all the difference living here! It's bigger, nicer, and cooler than our last place. It's got 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A large living room and big kitchen! And it's a tiny bit closer to the 10 seconds closer! hehe. But the BEST part is that we haven't had that many mosquitoes biting and pestering us! Yay!  We also bought a washer and dryer and I've been doing our clothes. It's crazy  doing laundry here...that'll be another post.

Fi Dan is back to school. He's hit the ground running and is studying away! I know he's going to do well. Nenji and Rylan have also started school! Nenji is now in Pre-K and Rylan is in the Daycare Preschool. Nenji LOVES school and wakes up every morning motivated and ready to go. Rylan on the other hand wakes up every morning and thinks up of every excuse possible not to go to school. It is hilarious listening to him try to convince us that he doesn't need to go to school. But I think he's finally faced the fact that he will go to school, because he didn't cry today when Fi Dan dropped him off! :D

That means Spencer and I are home by ourselves! Woo-who! He's such a good baby. He usually takes an hour nap which gives me just enough time to wash and hang our clothes and wash the morning dishes and sweep the house. Then he'll wake up and we just hang out and then it's ready to make lunch. Sometimes he'll just walk around in his walker or just play with toys on the floor. He is showing signs of crawling but isn't quite ready yet. So, I am enjoying this house while we're here, because next semester we are moving again to a smaller house, still nice but not as big.
Rylan at 3 1/2 years old!

Nenji at 4 1/2 years old


The Lo Boys/Man

Mommy and her boys

Yay! Staying home with the sweet boy.

In the living room looking at the front door.

At the front door looking into the living room and kitchen.

The kitchen.

Kitchen sink looking into the hall where our bedrooms are. 

2nd bathroom where we keep out tiny little washer. 


  1. All the boys are getting so big. We miss them so much.

  2. They're growing up too fast :) xoxoxo!!! And the house does look pretty big too, good for you guys! Do the boys sleep in their own room then?

  3. aweh. reminds me so much of thailand, does it remind fidan of that? even the house looks like some of the mission houses i lived in.